Should I confess about fetish mistress?

I've been with my gf for 2 yrs, I know s** has always been a bit of a hard point with us. Every other than s** is amazing, but I know I let her down when it comes to s**. Well the size of my manhood does.

I know she's been used to bigger and has f***** a few guys during our relationship. She also has a secret d**** which is a bit bigger than I am. What she doesn't know is I have developed a fetish for p**** size humiliation and for the last 6 months have been seeing a mistress who humiliates me, locks my d*** up in chastity, makes me expose myself to her friends and even took me to a nude beach. She loves to make me wear a giant strapon to stretch her out and then makes me f*** her so I feel even smaller. On a few occasions she's made me watch her f*** hugely hung guys, compare d*** size and on one ocassion made me suck it which I truest hated. Of course I pay her for all of this.

Now I'm wondering if I should tell my gf and see if she wants to do a similar thing? It may ignite our s** life into something amazing. What are people's thoughts?

Feb 26, 2017

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  • The guy I'm seeing now likes hearing about my ex boyfriend's and want's to f*** after I tell him stuff., I didn't know guys were in to this.

  • You are a disgusting cuck,a weak man and you should be sterile,you would probably love to see your gf getting f***** by a 7 inch fat BBC am I right?
    What a f****** disgrace,tell you what tell her,she will see you for who you truly are,a small p**** c***.

  • F*** yes! I want to see her enjoy a real man and make me jealous every day! It would be amazing to feel her stretched out. I dated a girl with a kid once, her p**** was too stretched for me to please her! Maybe she should know I'm a sissy now...

  • I have a fat 8in c*** and would love to join you, I'm bi so we could all have fun

  • Apart from sucking that c*** once, I've never done anything gay. What would you want to do? I've only got a 4.5 inch d***, so my gf would probably love you.

  • I'd f*** her and you could suck me hard again and I'd s**** in your mouth. If you wanted id suck your little c***

  • F***, that sounds so real and so crazy. You want me to suck your big d*** after you've f***** my girlfriend? I got turned on when you said little c***. If you humiliated me, I'd compare my little c*** to your big d*** and suck you off like a sissy. Would you teach my gf to humiliate me too?

  • Oh yes I would train her well, to be my s*** and your mistress. Did meet her 1st and f*** her and s**** in her mouth and send her home, in washed and kiss you with her spunky lips and breathe. Then force your face into her c*** to lick it clean, telling you everything we had done.
    The next time you will be present dressed in a girly nighty and knickers, when iv finished with her you will suck my c*** clean then you like her c*** clean as I f*** you up the a***, she will then suck me clean and spank you for having such a pathetic little c*** and if your a good girly boy you can have a w*** as well watch and laugh

  • Oh that sounds amazing! I saw my mistress yesterday and I asked her to wear the strapon, she went wild! I sucked it and she bent me over and f***** me, it was so painful and only 7 inches so you would ruin my arsehole.
    Dressing up sounds fun! Licking her c*** and your s**** while you f*** me! Oh wow! Oh yeah laught at me as I w*** and c**! Tell me more more more! What would happen the next time???

  • You would done everything as before but this time when you w***, it wouldbe in the bath and we will p*** on you. Then hand you over to me wife for sissy training as I train your wife to be a submissive s*** but a b**** mistress to you

  • My mistress p***** on my me, but to have my wife and the guy who just f***** us both do while I w*** would be unreal! F***! I'm so much more sissy than I thought! I need sissy training! My mistress locks my d*** up when I'm there but you could lock me up for longer, and f*** me so hard as it strains to grow. Will you teach my wife how to f*** me with a strapon? And to whip me and kick my b****?

  • I'm Jane, marks wife, I would enjoy punishing you and teaching your gf yo dominate you like the mini duck little b**** you are. I'm a big titled, bi woman. Are you ready to take you training to the next level. I will not wash for three days and you will have to lick my c***, a*** and arm pits clean, as Mark f**** you fg

  • Also I get very sweaty under my huge t***, you will lick under them as well, then kiss your gf with you stinky lips

  • Oh my d*** is throbbing at the thought of licking your unwashed c*** and a***! My tongue will be completely at your service as mark f**** my a***. I'm so h**** I want to be forced to swallow your p*** and eat your cummy p**** while my little d*** is locked up. Then I will go home and kiss my gf.

  • You forgot about licking under my fat sweaty t***, the I will p*** on you. Then f*** you with a small strap on to loosen you up for Mark's fat c*** and you will carry on licking my c*** as Mark f**** you. Then send you home with you c*** and cage covered in your own spunkas you will C** as Mark f**** you. The next time will include you gf for training

  • Sorry Godess, I will live you sweaty t*** all over and especially underneath! Then please p*** on my little d*** and face. I will enjoy you f****** me before mark leaves my a*** gaping and sore. I hope when my gf sees me locked up she will understand and want to join in. Will you also parade and humiliate me in front of your friends, let them watch as I eat your c*** and get f***** by mark with my tiny d*** caged up and c******.

  • We have regular s** parties, and sissy little d*** b****** are always in demand, as well as submissive women. We will train you for a night of f****** and sucking. There is usually 20 people attending. Jane

  • Oh wow! I want to be a sissy slaveat one of your parties! My little dickie is dribbling with excitement! Maybe I need to service large d*** men in front of sexy women for the ultimate humiliation

  • You will get what you deserve, you will be on cleaning duties, licking c**** after they have been ducked and sucking c**** hard again. You 1stly serve drinks naked, wearing a hood, studded dig collar and a c*** cage, every one will be fully clothed as you serve them, them they will watch as I F*** you with a strap on, them I will had you over to mark to F*** you as every one watches. Then you will continue to serve with Mark's s**** running down you legs and submit to what ever our guest want. Your gf will also be invited to get training from me. Jane

  • That sounds amazing. I've just wanked so hard to that description. My mistress knows about all of this and finds it hilarious. She sent me home tonight with my c*** cage still on, hoping my gf doesn't notice! Licking a c** filled c*** while Mark's c** drips out of my ass is crazy hot! Jane, you sound like a glorious Godess! I want to be f***** by you with the biggest strapon you can find.

  • You will be and I will F*** your gf as well

  • To know you'll f*** me and then f*** my gf better than I ever could is making me w*** in my c*** cage (I'm learning to c** with a semi, luckily my cage is a bit big). My gf was out today so I f***** my ass with her d****, my c*** was hurting so bad. I even sucked the d**** after. I want to be your s***.

  • Send you contact details and we can meet

  • My wife would role play with you for no fee, as long as you lick her plump c***. She is 50 chubby with huge 40gg t*** as I f*** your wife

  • Sexy as f***! My mistress is in her late 40s, very curvy and has huge t*** with giant nipples.

  • I love mature bbw women, could have a w*** just thinking of her

  • Wow ld live to f*** her as well

  • Yum yum

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