cousins revenge

I did once tease my cousin about her boyfriend so hard, that she asked two of her friends to help her get a revenge on me, it was some time ago, when I was 11, and she was 15. Two days afterwards, when she came over to my house to watch over me as my parents were going out, and they let her bring two friends. Shortly afterwards my parents were gone, as I was watching TV, the friends of my cousin (Both girls of her age) grabbed me and immobilized me. My cousin then pulled off my shirt, and then procceded to depants me in front of her friends, wearing a pair of pink boxers with little hearts all over them, then they laughed so hard, for some time, and to finish it, she gave me an atomic wedgie with the help of her friends that pulled me from the ground and hanged me from my undies for some time. For dessert she spanked me and made me promise I would never tease her again with her boyfriend.

I haven´t break my promise yet, and several years have passed

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  • it was humilliating...

    And yes, I still wear hearts boxers

  • Admit it. You really liked it, didn't you?

  • Pull those shorts out of the crack yet?

  • Ha ha you got owned.

  • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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