Worried about stepdaughter

Oh man. So a little while back I was home alone with my teenage stepdaughter. I started to rough house with her a little. Play fighting. I picked her up on my shoulder and spun. That sort of thing. It was very brief because the rest of the family came home. She seemed to get slightly upset because they came home. She said to me "you knew they were home didn't you?" She seemed slightly upset but also said it in a semi joking manner. I was confused by her question and had to think about what it meant. I was shocked at the possible reason. But then just brushed it off as nothing. But here recently I have discussed with people who say it's because she had certain expectations. Anyway, I am hoping that someone can give an innocent explanation as to why she said that?

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  • At that age when a little girl's behavior gets bizaare like that, it is no doubt due to her hormonal changes & sometimes hormonal imbalance occurring within her.. The little girl obviously needs discipline including how to speak respectfully to her elders in ANY given circumstances instead of being permitted to ask arbitrary, ornery questions at will.. You need to put your proverbial foot down regarding such language by telling her that.. I'd say nip this crap in the bud or de little b**** is going to walk all over you.. Tell her to "nip it" or else..

  • The kids poison ivy. Too young for a grown man to be touching. Quit touching and and keep your affections verbal unless you want to do time in prison and go on an offenders list.

  • That's not quite the way it works, idiot.

  • Here's a possible innocent meaning to what she said. Often when you roughhouse with a child the other family members will tell you to quit because of the noise. Since someone was home she thought you quit because you didn't want anyone to complain.

  • My now ex wife's daughter did all she could to get my attention after I moved in with her mum.(Now Divorced).
    She was after s** at the age of only 14.
    And that seems to be the case with your step daughter.
    Better to not get too close to her.

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