My stupid now ex wife

After I married this little b**** she told me she was going to name her son after a man she knew at her apartment complex. We argued about this day and night. She even once threatened to divorce me if I prevented her from naming our son after this man.

I quit having s** with her which p***** her off and while she wasn't looking I got a lawyer and divorced the worthless, disloyal, little b****.

She begged me to come back to her but even after I left her she demanded that we name our never to be born son after her other lover.

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  • Calling her stupid is kind. She sounds evil. Seriously, who does that? Was she like this before you two married? Honestly, it sounds like she's mentally ill.

  • She hid her symptoms.

  • Bullshit. She looked hot nailed to your pillow and you ignored everything else until the pu$sy was no longer a novelty. Typical.

  • B****** be stupid

  • Not as stupid as the BOYS who ignore bright red flags as long as her tittays are bouncy and juicy...

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