I get really confused sometimes on my feelings about other women.

I always have dreams about partaking in sexual activities or in a romantic situation with other women, especially when I'm under a lot of emotional stress.

I also find myself checking other women out and changing my character around them upon first meeting, like I'll act more... masculine? I suppose? I'll flirt with them without realizing it until I reflect on the fact. I'm also really intrigued by stories reflecting around lesbians.

Maybe it's because my only sexual experience has been with girls, but that was when I was really young. One of them was my girl cousin, and the other was a girl in my class, and we would kiss and rub against each other. (This was before I was even a teenager, mind you).

Do you think that has to do with it?

I've always been on guard, defensive, and shy around men. I'm not sure if it's because society has put it in my mind to be that way or if something happened to make me feel like that. But I can only imagine myself with a man. I can't see myself dating a girl. I can't see myself in a sexual scenario with either, but I think it's only because I've never had s** before or trusted anyone enough to do it.

I'm confused.

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  • Try it out with a girl if it's what your attracted to the masculine type after you try it out you might just find out all the answers to your concerns

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