I cheat on my husband

I have been married to my husband for 6 years. We have s** about once a week. I suck his d*** a couple times a week as well. A friend from work that I have know for 10 years is a flirt and has been trying to sweet talk me into bed for years. We spend our lunch hour together most days.

About a year ago, I finally said yes to him. I told my husband that my schedule had changed. I normally work 8-4 but I told him twice a week I would have to stay an hour or so later to be the closer. My friend, jake, and I go back to his place those days to have s**.

Honestly, it's not at all about love. Jake just has a big d*** and knows how to use it. He also likes to try different things. My husband is not open minded when it comes to s**. I even asked him if he wanted to try a*** and he said no! Jake was all for it. Jake and I have also done threesomes both with another man and another woman.

There is a weekend long conference coming up in May. Going to get a hotel room with jake.

Mar 26, 2016

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  • I'm 10 yrs older than my wife and at 60 I can't fully for fill her needs. One night in bed I told her it was ok to have s**, with someone else if she needed more. The deal was that she had to inform me of when and what they did.

    She has three lovers, two men and one woman. It has improved my prowess as she gives me the details of their sexual antibiotics

  • You know what? If you need this and you're not getting it at home, then go for it. I don't believe in being faithful to a fault. If my wife came to me and asked me to have a threesome and I said no, I'd expect her to find it elsewhere. If I didn't, I'd be as big a fool as this other person's response. But remember tht works two ways. There may be things he needs too. You have to be willing to do for him.

  • Cheating m************ w****, that's why you people don't deserve respect

  • S***

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