My Best Friend Loves My Bfs Tongue

One night my best friend ( we can call her Ruth) , my a guy I like who also likes me (we can call him Jake) and I were all watching tv in my living room and we all were bored and decided to play truth or dare. Us being adolescents and all it escalated inappropriately. I dared Ruth to give Jake oral ** (because she wanted to experience it) and she did. She was awesome at it and I could tell by his face and reactions he enjoyed it. Afterwards he offered (out of freewill he wasn't even dared) to eat Ruth's **. They went in my room and he ate it, fingered it so on and so forth I was there watching I was ** the f*ck off all I heard was him slurping on it and her moaning. This happened a whille ago Jake and I are now a couple. Your probably wondering why didn't I stop it? Well because I wanted to see where his heart was at. He claims to love me even before all that happened but if he did why in the actual F*CK would he do that in front of the person he "loves". He was single when he decided to do that so I can't hold it against him...sadly.

Next Confession

I really want to be a cat

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  • Oh dear the guy with rubbish English fantasising AGAIN!

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