I was Clueless

Wife(F31) called me at work, told me i did not have to pick up our son from school as she got off early and had already done it, and for me to come on home when i got off from work, I drove straight home when i got off from work. I walked in our living room and there was my wife sitting on the sofa with a strange man seated beside her, I as what going on and where is our son. She said Gary (9yr) was taking a nap. As to what is going on here this my lover Jake and he is moving in with me and you are leaving. I was in shock, i was speechless for a minute trying to figure out what was happing. Then she confessed to an affair with this man. and had been for 6mo. then said again you need to move out. ( It was her house she inherited for her parents) I asked Jake if i could have some alone time with my wife he looks at her and she said OK, he got up and left. Then i asked Why? What did i do wrong, and she said nothing but i don't love you anymore and i found someone else. His wife found out about the affair and had kicked him out, he had nowhere to go so he was going to move in with her. she said you can spend the night in the guest room, but tomorrow i could look for a place to live. I am 35, Jake looks older. I left the house and went and parked in park nearby so no one would see me cry. I set and cried for an hour or more. The i went to a local bar and had two beers trying to figure what to do. I had been told what i was going to do, I figured leaving was the right thing to do but it was late and i had no one to stay with so i returned to the house went to the guest bedroom an went to bed sleep didn't come for a long time. I lay there listening to them have ** I finally fell asleep. woke up the next morning went to the kitchen fixed me breakfast. Wife was up fed Gary and left for work she drops him off at school every day and i pick him up. Wife has a good paying Job as do i so we are comfortable in our finances. I went to work and ask for a couple of days off to find a place to live. i start my search for a place to live, was not easy as i thought most places were too larger for my needs and too small, I needed a two-bedroom apartment so Gary would have a place to stay when his when he came over. I did not find anything to my liking the first day of searching. So i return to the house and asked if icould stay in the guess bed-room another night. Wife was ok with that told me i could stay as long as i needed to find a place. I talked to Gary told him i was moving out and want him to come to see me in my new place, your mother and i will be divorcing. Went to bed listening to them have ** again, Next day i found a place to stay that fit my needs and was close to my work. i fill out papers necessary to rent an apartment. New experience for me! told me they needed to run a credit check, and a background check on me before i moved in.
Gave them the information the needed to accomplish that. Had to pay a hundred dollar up front for that. and would have wait for them to do the check. It would take 24 to 48 hours for that. Wife an i went to the bank and closed out our joint account and split the $34.000 we had accumulated in our checking account. She was very nice and civil to me the whole time. Asked me to join the at the table for dinner, i declined. I did not want to be around Jake any more than i had to. She took her share of the money bought Jake a truck as he had no transportation. Because he had not worked in 5 months, he needed transportation so he could find a job. I ate out returned to the house Jake was gone to show his new truck to his friends. I went to the guest bedroom. Got ready for bed when my wife came in and wanted to talk, apologized for what she did to me, but she did not love me anymore. Then she asked if i wanted **? I was not thinking with right head i jumped at the chance, we went at it, in a hurry before Jake returned. Jaked was out late. so we did not have to hurry, but we did not know Here i was cheating with my wife on her lover I got the apartment, moved out the next day I was get Gary every other weekend, but it was almost every weekend as she an Jake was going somewhere and doing something most weekends. She started dropping occasionally for **. That stoped when she was served the divorce papers. i started trying to have a social life, dated several women, nothing serious came of it. Then I noticed a neighbor who was very attractive we chat a wile then i asked her out for dinner one night when Gary was not with me, we have developed a relationship, that i want to pursue We have Kissed but that is the extent of it, she will not be intimate until the divorce is final, she said she would never have an affair with a married man. She was met Gary, he accepted her fairly quick. Been six months since or separation, she came by wanted to end the divorce and to get back together. Jake hasn't found a job, she pays all the bills; she thinks he is cheating on her (turnabout is fair play) she is getting what she deserves. I said there is no way in ** that will that ever happen. My Friend and i are still dating, have not been intimate yet. wife thew Jake out. found another man. better man Than Jake, will work.

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  • Brother I feel your pain but also your happiness. When the divorce is final hope you have the best ** ever. Good luck. Wish you Gary and Gary new step mom all the best .

  • Wow your ex wife is a real **... Amazing you haven't set his truck on fire

  • It's gut wrenching. So sorry for you man.

  • Definitely divorce her. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Sorry to hear you went through that but you'll be better off.

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