I am a furry. I enjoy expressing myself through an anthropomorphic animal fursona that I have named 'Amoris Matris' which means 'Love of the Mother' in Latin. She is a predominantly dark pink Panther with a blue spiral on her chest and a simple wave pattern on her back.

I am male but I enjoy having my female fursona and I even dress up in a bra with fake b****** on underneath my fursuit so that I look female. My parents don't like me being a furry and think it's weird, they say that it's not ok to dress up as animals when you are older because that's what children do.

I don't agree with them and I personally love the feeling I get when a small child sees me and comes up and cuddles me like a mother. I personally don't like small children most of the time but when I suit up, I adore children.

I sometimes want to be a mother and using my fursuit lets me do this and I have a lot of fun with my handler who is a great person and she sometimes dresses up in her fursuit and we go fursuiting in public with two handlers.

I never let anyone know that the human me is male because I am female when I'm in my fursuit and using my fursona.

I personally have explored the sexual side of furry and I thoroughly enjoy it, although I never use my fursona when doing that stuff because that would be tainting her, instead I use another character called Jospef the Wolf (yes it is Jospef, not a spelling error) for that sort of thing. He is a gay male and a bottom. The human me is straight but I enjoy using Jospef as he is simply an exaggeration of my desire sometimes to be dominated.

Both Jospef and Amaris have healthy relationships with others (although Jospef is restricted to only the house, never anywhere public) and they fulfil different roles in my expressionism as a furry.

I enjoy being a furry.

Mar 27, 2016

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