I had a dream last night, I was leaving school, and I was saying bye to my teacher (whom I have a major crush on). He pulled me towards himself and gave me a lingering, soft, warm kiss on my cheek. He then waved bye as I walked away from him backwards. My face felt all warm and tingly, but I wanted to cry inside when I saw the sad look on his face. If only this could really happen. I'd do anything for that kiss.

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  • I also used to dream about this kind of stuff with my old teacher (I'm out of high school now) and I decided to help out this year for prom because he was chaperoning. Long story short, we ended up having s** in a broom closet. Don't go after him while you're still in school. It doesn't matter if you're 18 yet, in most places it's still illegal. Flirt with him some subtly, let him know you have a crush even, but don't act on it until after you graduate and turn 18.

  • Wow, what a coincidence i just read your confession before this one at this link:

    so that's interesting, it's a small world...Um website I guess ?

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