Picked up a man walking down a backroad

I picked up a middle aged black man last night on my way home from being out all dressed up in a pretty outfit. I pulled up next to him and asked if wanted a ride since it's like 4-5 miles of barren road. He looked closer at me and laughed and called me a f****** pansy and turned away. I said ok it's a real long walk bye bye and he looked back he smiled and said he would like a ride. He was in his mid 50's and didn't say much. I talked and he just looked over checking me out and then he asked what does it take to get you to shut up? Shoving a d*** in your mouth? I said yes that always does it, why? He told me to pull over so I could suck him off. When I walked over his side of the car he saw my whole outfit and when I got to his open door he turned to me and said I looked really hot. I smiled and said thank you and leaned in to his seat and sucked him off.

Apr 27, 2017

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  • Good girl

  • So you're an old black c*** loving w****?

  • Plenty of men and women prefer black c***. I don't know why. A c*** is a c***, they come in different shades, shapes and sizes. Who gives a f***, if it belongs to a black man or not!

  • Was the description inaccurate? Did she not say he was a black man? Why are trying to turn it racial?

  • You've misconstrued the above comment. But good day to you (:

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