Craving him

Is there something in the air? I've been wanting to f*** my boyfriend every day for the past month. The sexual chemistry between us has always been intense, but just thinking about him makes me so h****. I just want to pounce on him. I want to give him a full body massage, suck him off, and then ride him. I want him to f*** me until morning, and we usually do, but it's still not enough. I feel like a s** addict, but I'm only a junkie for him. Everything about him is attractive, from the way he speaks, thinks, looks, he's an extremely sexy intelligent man. Talking to him for a good amount of time is enough to put me in the mood, even if it's not sexually related. He could be telling me about the circumference of the earth and I'd still get so wet just hearing him talk. Knowledge is sexy.

I just had to let this sexual energy out. I am bragging a little, but I can't help it. He brings out the naughtiest side of me. The way I want him almost overpowers me and makes me lose control of my usual timid self.

Mar 30, 2016

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  • Lol give it time, those feelings always fade

  • Nature created the female to naturally have feelings indicating her to serve a man, especially sexually. Certainly you have no control over this. Nature will always be the stronger dynamic. Roll with it girl & pursue pleasuring the man..

  • Above all don't worry about your personal feelings regarding this.. It is completely normal & quite common for a man to have a inexplicable control over a woman in the fashion you describe.. Again, it is nature and nature takes care of all of us.. Just don't interfere..

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