Ex wife's parting gifts

My ex wife turned out to be a terrible person. Elaborating on that would take too much time, so I hope you'll take my word for it. After she said she wanted a divorce and was leaving town, she still stayed in our house in the meantime, which I resented. I wish she would have just left, but she made it clear it was her house, too (even though she was abandoning it and sticking me with the mortgage, and had the nerve to constantly post s*** about me on social media about how I ruined her credit. Oops, I said I wasn't going to talk about that.) Anyway, I didn't like being in the same house with her, but we were in separate rooms and barely saw each other. While she was at work I thought of some parting gifts. I started by rubbing my d*** on just about everything she owns. I worked up some precum, which I wiped on all of her clothes. I knew she had a vibrator, which I found and stuck up my ass. I cleaned it off, but it's satisfying knowing she used it after it had been in my ass. That was kind of fun, so I moved on to putting other objects up my ass, like her toothbrush and some makeup applicators (yes, I washed those off, too). I love knowing that when she's putting on makeup for some other guy, she's doing it with my ass. Then, this is my favorite part. She would make big batches of fruit smoothies to drink throughout the week. For the last couple months she was in the house, I jerked off into every one of them. I mixed it up real good to be sure that every day she was drinking my c**, even though she hadn't sucked my d*** in years. I sure don't miss her, but I do miss the fun I had in those final months.

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  • I did a bunch of similar stuff to my ex wife when I found out she was cheating. I wish there would have been smoothies for me to j*** off in. That's brilliant. But I did j*** off into her conditioner. I just love that the b**** was f****** her new man with my c** in her hair.

  • You're a wiredo!

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