From straight to gay in an instant

I'm 28 and have only been with women in my lifetime, that was up until yesterday when I finally decided to let one of my best guy friends give me a BJ. We grew up together and he came out in high school. I was cool with it and we remained friends, nothing changed at all until a couple of years ago. He started flirting with me a lot then just came straight out and said it, he wanted to give me BJ. The first 5 times I said no, each time he asked I thought about it more and more, also noticing how hard I was getting just thinking about it. I told myself the next time he asks, I'm going to say yes. The next day, we were chilling and playing xbox when he again asked(moreso jokingly) to give me a b******. I sorta froze and couldn't think of what to say so I paused the game were playing(Fifa 15 baby!) and slowly pulled my pants down, him not taking his eyes off of me for one second. The next thing I know, he's down on his knees in front of me giving me the best b****** of my life. I realized this was making me super hot so I asked if we could 69 and I swear... I've never seen anyone so happy in my life, I saw he really wanted me, the l*** in his eyes made me want to make love to him. I asked if he had a condom but unfortunately he didn't. However, I wasn't going to let this stop me, before I could even ask, he ensured me he was clean and got tested regularly. Knowing him since childhood and knowing he wouldn't lie to me, I told him I wanted him inside of me and that I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted to make sweet passionate love to him. He got some lube out of his night stand and put tons of lube inside of me and on the outside of my hole, slowly inserting one finger then two, I thought I was going to c** right there so asked him to slow down. We kissed and made out for like 10 minutes straight, rubbing our bodies together... seeing him on top of me only made me want him more, I told him to make love to me. He put lube all over his throbbing c*** and slowly slid his c*** all the way inside of me while kissing me more passionately than any other woman has in my life. Within two minutes, I felt my o***** building up... he hadn't even touched my c*** since we were 69'ing. He pumped in and out of me a few more times and I exploded, c****** all over his chest in between our stomachs, right in the middle of my o***** he said he was going to c** and I didn't want him to stop so I told him to c** inside of me, he did.. and it was f****** amazing. I will never, ever have s** with another woman in my life, gay s** is the best s** and men know how to please. Me and my best friend are no longer just friends, we're now together(dating) and passionately in love with each other. I never thought I'd say I have a boyfriend but now I can't imagine life without him.


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  • You were gay to begin with. I dated a girl who turned out to be a lesbian and she had been dating boys for years before she came out. You are born gay. If you are born straight you wouldn't be able to perform gay s** and enjoy it.

  • Pure c*** up the ass s** with the risk of HIV

  • Wow, what a revelation that must have been! But are you sure that you are over women? Really, if ten of the hottest women bent over and asked for you to take them doggy, you would refuse? You wouldn't stick it in each of them and give them a few thrusts as a test drive? If not, maybe you are gay.

  • Congratulations on finding a beautiful lover and soul mate!!!

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