i was just recently told that my dad "touched" my sister and I was starting to wonder, What if it happens to me?

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  • Just to add, Ive been in a situation a few times where I've second guessed myself about what I should do. I've said my 4 year old wipes, but she actually doesn't do all that great of a job at time. She gets this funky smelling -crud- buildup around her bits. Like, around her l****. I notice it but I get nervous about cleaning that area up. I can ask my wife, but that can be construed as the same thing if you put us all on the same playing field.She also is busy when our 19 month old at times, and I know she has had to deal with the same issue. So while I know it looks incriminating I do it for -her- so she avoids infections or anything like that. I get nervous doing it. Do all parents always have to be scared of their kids and what they do when its just not sexual in any way?

  • I touch my daughter all the time. I bath her, I change her diaper and wipe her ass at least twice a day. Heck even my 4 year old hasn't gotten down how to wipe properly (she's fine with peeing, and does give a wipe a try but misses = streaks.) So I'm -touching them- all the time because I have to as a parent. Get the details about when, in what situation, age, consent needed or parents duty? Some things can easily be misunderstood, but this can be a serious issue too.

  • ^^^Yeah, I am curious who told you that. Usually, you would remember something like that.

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