I want to kiss my best friend (both girls)

I want to kiss my best friend (both girls) but i have no clue what to do. We are both 15 years old,and known each other for 6 years. She is the only girl i ever felt this way about. We are both straight but next time she comes over im going to try to cuddle with her so it can lead up to kissing.

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  • Do it

  • Not surprised you're feeling this way. But it's adolescence. Don't act on it. Once you grow up you'll realize that was the wider choice

  • My stern advice to you young lady is to get a hold of yourself & your emotions.. Pull yourself together before you act on these ridiculous, imaginary feelings and become a q****.. Queerdom is a behavioral syndrome & choice.. the key is to nip it NOW..

  • Your too young. Go about your school work.

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