I hate my stutter.

I hate my stammer. It makes me hate myself. Can't even say my name or introduce myself. I feel less than a human. If I didn't have a woman who loved me and would miss me, I'd kill myself. I hate this.

Apr 2, 2016

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  • It'll b-b-b-be okay.

  • Your studder is not who you are. Maybe your true self is flowering on the inside, and it is none of those things that you do, or how you act. Maybe who you are is deeper, not even your outer self at all. Maybe your soul is intact, whole, perfect within itself, as it should be. Who can say? I believe that your heart and your soul do not deserve the strife that you are putting them through by being mad at yourself. Treat yourself with the same respect that you would offer to anyone who had some impediment. I should hope you don't hate others for their difficulties...thus why would you hate yourself? You are perfect as you are, relax first. Also, my simple suggestion is that you work on breathing exercises. Master your breath, the rest will fall into place. Speech coach might be good if you find someone with experience. Bless you, the light is where you are.

  • See a speech therapist - the have new treatments for stammering and stuttering that will cure your condition. Please call today and be patient with yourself. It is no fault of yours that you have a disfluency. Take care now.

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