My mom constantly tells me to be more open and have friends over, and I really do have friends. I'm not a shy person, I make friends easily. My problem is I don't care about having them. I feel very insecure- like everybody else, and it causes me to go on the computer much more. I watch anime, and it makes me forget about things that trouble me. I don't know if this is worthy of being a confession, but I would never tell my mom that. My mom doesn't have much compassion when it comes to these things. The point is, I just needed to get it out without the fear of being laughed at.

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  • Has anyone ever suggested to you that you consider getting therapy in order to improve your self confidence and relationships? It would likely be very helpful to you.

  • Dped daughter she's 9

  • Retreating into the online world can be an uplifting and enlightening and educational thing, but like almost all other things, can become all-consuming. You need to have friends that you interact personally with and can have real conversations with, go to movies with, and enjoy life with, meaning a non-electronic life. "Balance" is the key word here. Do more "in" the world, rather than just being an observer of the world.

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