I want to be in a Levi's Jeans commercial

Like 10 years ago I auditioned to be in one but they went with younger and skinner. Now I'm in my mid 40's and I'm not that out of shape, I do go to the gym but lack the 6 pack when I go to the beach I'm not embarrassed, I look younger then most my age. Black don't crack. But I feel like that is just a far fetched dream now. I can't imagine them wanting a writer for an ad, not very visual or dynamic to see me with a pad and pen or a laptop. I guess I just want someone to want to take pictures of me.

Apr 5, 2016

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  • You have a good imagination. Have you ever thought of writing plays?

  • Not plays. Short/long fiction.

  • Do it. My older sister was a teacher, who dressed well, and occasionally, very business-sexy. Got noticed by a PR guy visiting the school, he was legit, and did a few photo shoots with her for local or out of the area ads. Was all tasteful (although, one did give her notoriety for showing a nice amount of skin..Was an ad for belts, and, to show the product, he had her in a sexy, tied-high, shirt..like Daisy Duke but higher, showing past her navel), and she made some money out of it. There were other shoots and ads that never saw the light of day, but, she did get to keep the photos.

  • Why don't you hire a photographer and get some shots taken and then shop them to local modeling agencies. Maybe you could do some print work or even some extra work on TV on both shows and commercials. You could model for books, magazines even stock images. But the reality is you may get a few jobs and may lose a few jobs. You have to prepare yourself either way.

  • Was going to ad, if that is what would make you feel good about yourself ..spend the money and get professional images taken of you. Why not?

  • Good idea.

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