Caught with my pants down in CBT

I am a sissy crossdresser and one thing I love but also scares the h*** out of me is humiliation. I have not had much experience in public outings and never really shared my secret before while shopping. I would usually say I am buying for my girl friend or something to that effect, although I knew the sales person knew it was for me.
I have always wanted to go to a bridal store and try on wedding dresses. So one day I got up enough courage and I drove an hour a way to a bridal store, I thought it would be more fun if I wore my chastity belt which locked my man parts in place, then also leave the key at home. This way it would prevent me from an erection and further embarrass me. I wore my usual man clothes but wore a pair of white panties and a thin white bra. When I pulled into the parking lot I was so nervous and my heart was racing beyond belief. I figured I had come this far I had to go for it.
I steeped into the bridal store nervously, and was suddenly meet by two beautiful women. They asked if they could help me. I first said I am looking for a dress for my girl friend but then blurted out I mean FOR ME. The one girl let out a quick laugh then said excuse me? Oh god I had to repeat it. I asked again stating that I was looking for a bridal dress for myself. My voice was getting softer and harder to speak.
They said yes we can help you pick out a few to try on. I was very relieved they were so understanding. They asked for my dress size, which I knew and we proceeded to find 4 different dresses. They led me to a dressing room and I was about to close the door, when she said she has to come in the dressing room to help me into the dress. I about died. She said this is standard procedure and most women don't mind it, they don't get many complaints from men because men don't usually ask to try on wedding gowns. She assured me it was alright., so I said ok.
She told me to remove all my clothes except for my underwear. That was beyond embarrassing, but did as I was told. For the first time a women, a complete stranger would see me in my panties. She smiled and complemented me on my bra after I took my shirt off. Then I dropped my pants, the panties were a small cut mesh bikini and she could see my chastity device clear as day, OMG. Of cource she asked about it. Not only am I standing in this tiny room with a beautiful young women asking to try on wedding dresses and standing there in a bra and panties now I have to explain why I have this thing locked onto my p****. I told her it was to prevent me from having an erection and to prevent any masturbation what so ever.
If I could crawl up into a little ball I would have. But she handled it very well and helped me into all the dresses and even took me out of the dressing room so I could see my self In a three way mirror. Also this allowed other sales associates to see me as well. I think they were having more fun with me then I was at the time. But I am so glad that I did it, I loved every part of it. It was very hard but something I feel is important and that I need to be humiliated.

Apr 8, 2016

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  • I had a similar experience at a shop that sells womens gowns, and I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE all the beautiful gowns they have. A very attractive young sales girl asked if she could help me and I told her this is going to sound strange and then she showed me a knowing smile, then I asked her if I could try on some gowns. This was not easy fro me to ask but once I did I felt finally Ill be able to wear a gorgeous gown! It was also extremely helpful that she was so very nice and understanding, she made the experience wonderful. I was probably wearing panties (that's all I ever wear now) but only needed help with the clasp at the neck, she never came in the fitting room when I changed. I was able to try on a few gowns and loved it, just wish I had my heels with me when I was wearing the gowns. So much fun!!!!!!!!

  • You didn't need the humiliation but may have felt so because of how you were treated and because you likely have some misgivings about discussing or displaying your cross dressing behaviors with others. Well at least this was a growth experience for you. Be well now.

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