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I confess, i have been with my boyfriend many years now and i have cheated many times, this one is about his friends, in the first year i slept with two of my boyfriends friends, one in an alley behind a pub we were at, the other in the front room as my bf slept upstairs, 2nd year i slept with another ine his friends (who had a girlfriend) many times over a two month period, the next happened again in a night out staying over his place, but by the 4th year i have been good and faithfull ever since (with a few exceptions) trouble is the friend have obviously talked and last weeks two of them confronted me at the pub and said that if i ever wanted a twoup (3way) they would be up for it, and would keep it quiet. i said no but its not left my mind, i really really want to!

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  • I screwed my finances sister at her other sisters bridal shower . And was caught by the other sister and she sucked my d*** and then bailed out and said she can't! Never said anything to this day

  • Iv done it!!!

  • Well then? tell us about it?

  • Do it, seems all of ya can keep a secret so enjoy yourselfs

  • Go for it....if u want to do it then go for it

  • Being a s*** is loads of fun. Has nothing to do with love. Its adventure and pleasure. Adam and Eve started it by taking the forbidden fruit.

  • Adam and Eve started off by eating some fruit, not f****** the snake behind each others backs! And since you brought the Bible into this - There's no religion in the world that promotes infidelity. If this has nothing to do with love then brake up with the poor guy. Have as much fun as you want slutting around, but why does he have to get hurt?

  • I never understood how people could cheat on their partners. Betraying someones trust and stabbing them in the back is basically the most devastatingly hurtful thing you can do to another person! Why would anyone ever think it's worth it to do that to someone they love? If you don't love him or want to sleep with his friends then at least be fair to him and break up with him, don't do it behind his back!

  • I duno, how would that go? this girls just guna dump her bf and say sorry i dont wana be with you when i sleep with your friends? hows he ment to feel about that? the girls obviously done it before and got away with it and hes nine the wiser or hurt? tricky one

  • Just because she "got away with it" and he doesn't know about it that doesn't make it right. Most people who have been cheated on say what hurt them the most wasn't the actual sexual acts themselves. The most devastating part was that their partner had lied and deceived for all that time! She doesn't have to say the reason she's braking up with him is to f*** around with all his friends. Of course he's not gonna be happy she's breaking up with him, but sleeping around behind his back is way worse! If she want's to keep f****** all these guys then the only right thing to do is to break up with her boyfriend first.

  • But then she has one less guy to f***...

  • I'm sorry! You're absolutely right! It's definitely worth it to stab someone in the back and destroy them emotionally just so that you'll have one more c*** to bounce on! How could I not have seen that!? My bad!

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