Shopping with mom

Yesterday my mom and I went swimsuit shopping. I normally wear one piece one but she got me to try on bikinis. We both pick some out and head to the dressing rooms. I was going to get my own room but she pulls me into hers. She said she wants to see how they look on me. I was kind of embarrassed. It's been a really long time since she has seen me fully naked. She gets undressed and is checking herself out in the mirror. My mom is super fit. She works out, only eats good stuff no junk. When I got undressed she got behind me and looked me over in the mirror. My mom is shaved and I'm not. I'm not sexually active. I've never even trimmed my pubic hair. She put her hands on my hips and said that we were going to have to do some trimming before summer. I was embarrassed and turned red. She said there's nothing to be embarrassed about, then we started trying on swimsuit. We both found one we like. I'm nervous about wearing mine. It shows a lot more skin than my last one. She was looking at me when I put my bra on. She had me face her and she starts touching my bra. My bra has been getting tighter as I've developed. She says its time for a new bra. She's pays for our suits and says we are going to go th the mall and go bra shopping. I thought we would go to Victoria Secret but we went to Macy's. She has me pick out some I like and we go to the dressing room. She tells the lady that she's going to go in with me to help me find the one that fits best. We go in and I start trying them on. With each one she feels around it, checks the straps. It not like she's feeling me up but she is touching my b****. I kind of started to get turned on. When I took off the second one my nipples were really hard. She made a joke about me being cold, the dressing room was really warm. We find one that fits, she buys me a few and some new undies, she didn't have me try them on. I don't think I could have handled that. By the time we left the store I was really h****. I don't have a boyfriend, never have. Her touching me, even though it wasn't sexual got me going. When we git home I went to my room and masterbaited and then felt embarrassed about my mom being the reason I was doing it. I had a dream last night about my mom and me in bed together. It was hot. I woke up out of breath and wet. I think I had a wet dream about my mom. That can't be normal, right?

Apr 10, 2016

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  • You think a wet sexual dream about your mother isn't normal why isn't it normal what is normal, incest thoughts or relationships normal, the first sexual thoughts and contact is usually your family every body has the opinion its taboo, s** within the family happens more often than you think but nobody will openly talks about the subject, if two consenting adults want s** why shouldn't they have s** if they want to why is it so wrong, I had a relationship with two close family member, its ok providing both parties are consenting, some of my friends have admitted to family relationships.
    So who ever you are stop feel bad about sexual thoughts it sound like your mum wants to do something private between mum and daughter go with you needs. I will give my name as Daniel if you what further chats

  • Would you? If she offered?

  • I assume you mean do her, and no I wouldn't. Not that I think you believe me, but I honestly wouldn't. I'm not desperate and don't need to go for minors, I can very well get women my own age, thank you. I honestly just saw a young girl in need of someone to talk to, and so that's what I offered. You know, men can do nice things for women without expecting s** in return. I get where your question comes from, genuinely nice guys are rare, but it does happen. You should try it. Take your mind off of exploiting minors sexually for a moment and just do something nice for someone else, male or female, without expecting anything in return.

  • My mom is awesome. My dad left when I was 4. I'm lucky to have her. She calls herself a free spirit. Sometimes when I come home from school on Fridays Their will be a bag for her and one for me. Then we just go somewhere for the weekend. Sometimes we'll get in the car and she will ask me what direction and we just go that way and stop if there is something to see. I'm a little to serious sometimes. Before my moms business took off I remember things being tight. I kind a feel like I had to grow up fast during those times. She always tells me I can do anything I want in life if focus and work toward it, but don't forget to have some fun along the way. Your questions. I live in America. I m********* almost everyday. I don't know if that's a lot for a girl. Some of the boys at my school say they do it three or four times a day. That seems like a lot. Some of the boys are always trying to get girls to send them cellphone pics. There is a boy trying to get me to send him a pic of me in my undies but I won't. In December there was a girl who sent someone some naked pics and they got shared all over school. I even saw them. Her parents had to have her switch schools. Girls keep doing which I think is stupid because we all know what happened to her. I like talking to you like this. You don't know who I am so I feel I can be honest

  • Hey B. Want to trade emails?

  • I'd love to trade emails. Just write your email here in the comment section and I'll answer what you wrote above in an email, because right now I've gotta run! All the best! B.

  • Hello B my email is

  • Wet dreams don't always have to be about people that we're attracted to, just like regular dreams often don't make any sense. My first wet dream was about a teacher of mine that I didn't even find attractive and had never thought about in a sexual way. In your case it was the arousing situation that brought on the wet dream, but that doesn't have to mean that you find your mom attractive. And even if you do, it doesn't necessarily mean you want to have s** with her.

    A lot of people develop sexual feelings for non sexual loved ones, such as their parents for example. Our subconscious can easily get such powerful and similar emotions as love and sexual desire mixed up. It's the same reason that makes many confuse l*** for love.

    I don't think you've develop any sexual desire for your mom, but only you can answer that for sure.
    "I think I had a wet dream about my mom." Sounds to me like you had a wet dream that INVOLVED your mom, which isn't necessarily the same thing.

    Hope this was of some comfort or help. Please keep me posted about what happens, how these feelings develop, any future dreams (wet or otherwise) or fantasies, and always feel comfortable to ask about any future thoughts or questions that might pop up! :)

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