My in laws always talk about s** a lot but most of them are very reserved and calm sexually, including me my wife. Our s** life is ok but not as good as it could be.
It happened that I was staying at the Mather-in-laws house for a few days and it would be just me, the fil and mil.
I know my fil has had a few partners over the years with a few affairs but he is not creative and can't last any amount of time during s**. The mil had only had s** with the fil but I suspected she was not satisfied with her s** life.
On evening I came in for supper and the Fil was not going to be home until very late. We ate supper and made sure to be flattering and thank her for the meal. I also sat beside her and put my arm on her shoulder a few time during our conversations. After supper I was helping with the dishes and talking with her and I brushed up against her and I could see by her reaction she was loving the closeness. Standing behind her I put my arm around her and gave her next a kiss. She laid her head back and put her arms over mine. I put one hand on her b****** and the other down to her p**** and she pulled it away and they pushed it back down inside her sweats and underwear. She was very wet!
I played with her p**** and b****** and never stopped kissing her neck. She eventually reached back and started working in my pants and got my c*** out. She strocked it for a while and then bent over the sink and slid her clothing down to her knees. I slide into her and it felt great. We fussed in the position for a while and she orgasmed and almost collapsed to the floor. I picked her up and carried her to the room I was staying in and striped off the rest of her clothing and laid her back on the bed. I got on top of her and because ducking her slowly! She was loving it and started increasing the pace. I felt her c****** again after a while and I couldn't hold back and blew a load inside her wet p****! We collapsed on the bed! What a f***.

Apr 11, 2016

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  • When my wife was eight months pregnant my MIL came to stay with us. On the third night, when my wife was sleeping in her room, I had a sudden urge to kiss my MIL. To my surprise, she didn't object, and soon I was having sexual intercouse with her. When I finally erupted inside her, my MIL cummed simultaneously with me.
    She stayed until three weeks after my daughter was born, and we had intercouse almost every night once my wife was asleep. It's difficult now for us to be alone together, but we sometimes have a fling in my car when I'm taking her home at night. I love being with her because she'll give me oral if I ask her to. That is something my wife refuses to do.

  • Your posting is a dang good account of what I'm sure hundreds of men of all ages dream about.. That is definitely your & her good fortune.

  • That's a excellent account of a man completely & ardently seducing a starving, receptive older woman.. That woman is now helplessly addicted to this man & his ability to subdue her & peak her sexual feelings & emotions.. It's always rewarding & accomplished to note how frail & weak a woman becomes when emotionally aroused properly.. I loved how she had to be helped to reach the bed to collapse once she was aroused.. She is his for the taking now & for who knows how long.. Coitus with his mother in law will be a great complement to his marital sexual relations ; most likely even better due to his mother in law appreciating his virility more.. Good masterful job, son.. When you are older, you will enjoy an increased superiority over women as well as an increased ease in seducing & subduing women, as I do..

  • You are a lucky stud, kkeep it up.

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