Mother in Law

I met my wife while in College, she is gorgeous, fell in love first sight. Before I met her, I never was serious with girls, I never had any issues attracting girls. Women were easy for me, old young didn’t seem to matter, when I wanted needed one, one was there. This all changed when I met my wife. I am 6-3, 220, my wife is 5-10 maybe 145, d cup and great ass. We were both Sophomores and dated for about a year before I met her family. She has one older sister who was/is a mess, beautiful but a mess. Her parents were Ken and barbie types. If know who Lynda Carter is (Wonder Women from the 1970’s TV Series) that was who my future MIL reminded me of. We both graduated from college and I proposed, she accepted and I year later we were married. Her parents were great people, we had a lot of fun with them. As good looking as the females in the family were, I never thought of her Mom in a sexual way. My wife and I had a great s** life. 10 years later, 4 kids and still our s** life was like newlyweds. My wife chose to stay home and raise the kids, I climbed the proverbial corporate latter. My FIL was 56 was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer and decided to have a prostatectomy (removal of the prostate). A year later he had a massive heart attack and nearly died. He was now on oxygen 100% and was limited in his activities. This was a blow to all of us. One moment he was full of life and enjoying life the next, was struggling day to day. By now we had moved to within a 8 hr drive to them and would see them somewhat often. I was in Europe for business and was headed home and was excited to see my in laws as they would be visiting for a couple of weeks. I didn’t make it home that day until 3:00 am the next morning. I took a quick shower and jumped into bed hoping the wife would wake up and show me how much she missed me. No luck! I fell asleep only to woken up at 10:am to my two youngest jumping on the bed excited to see there Dad. They tell me that Mom, Grandpa and my two oldest are at baseball practice, but Grand ma was here. I told them to give me a minute and they run out and start watching TV. I throw on some shorts and a tee shirt and head to the family room. My MIL gives me a hug and hands me a cup of coffee and says “I tried to let you sleep” I said “its ok. I miss them as well”. I sit on the floor with my back resting on the front of our couch, making small talk with the MIL and laughing at my kids. My 6 year old son comes over and starts talking to me about the wrestling team he just got on. I had wrestled in high School, but it was Greco-Roman style wrestling. My son was learning a cross between Greco and Free style. He and I started wrestling and then I started showing him some moves that I remembered, One move was what we called the “Switch”. Basically it’s a move you reach back grab your opponent high on the inner side of their leg and use the leverage of your position to drive you opponent to the mat. Due to the physical size difference between myself and son, he wasn’t really getting the move. My daughter decided to help out and be the wrestling dummy. My MIL and I were laughing at their attempts to get the moves right but still having a little trouble with the moves, so my MIL says to me show them the moves to them on me. I said ok ( I wasnt thinking anything sexual at all after all she is my MIL). As we went back and forth I couldn’t help to notice how tight her body was. I knew she did 100 push ups a day 200 sit ups and 200 squats, ran about 2 miles every other day. Just body weight exercises no weights. But with wrestling there is a lot of body contact and I was starting to get an erection. I am at one end of the room with my MIL and my kids on the other end when my son yells and starts grabbing his crotch. Apparently my daughter had tried the “switch” and instead of grabbing his upper leg, she had grabbed his c***. We all start to laugh and my MIL says lets show them how its done. We show them 2 times and I am started to get hard again. On the third time, my MIL now grabs my c*** and says under her breath “oh my, you can crab it”. I immediately lean back against the couch and as I am doing this my c*** pops out of my right side of my shorts and I am pointing straight up to the sky. OMG my MIL sees it and leans back against the couch next to me, our legs are touching. I quickly grab a blanket off the couch and cover up my erection. My kids go back to watching TV and I am thinking maybe she did not feel it, she didn’t see it. Thinking how can I get out of this, when I feel her hand reaching for my c***. With out looking at me and looking straight ahead she says, “I am sorry Mike, its Just been so long”. I could feel my heart racing, my throat was dry, I was speechless. I finally came to my senses and announced I need to go take care of something to my kids. Again, under her breath my MIL said “Mike I need to help you” I just looked at here and I final nodded ok. She then announced to the kids that she was going help Daddy and would be back in a few. They were engrossed in the TV and did not hear a word she said. As we walked back to her room, I was thinking don’t do this, but once the door closed, I knew I was jumping off the “fidelity wagon”. I dropped the blanket and now my erection was in full view. We were all over each other, I pulled her sweats down and she wrapped her arms around my neck jumped up and wrapped her legs around me. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up and guided my c*** in. She was soaked, I slid in easily and she climaxed on my first thrust. I lasted two thrusts before I came in a way I never have before. She would not let go, I laid her down on the bed and kissed her for the first time. She whispered please do not stop, I continued to thrust slowly as my erection never subsided. She was a bottled-up tiger and if I could, I was along for the ride. We came to our senses and as I held her, she started to cry. She said “ I never want this to end”, she told me they haven’t had s** in over 4 years. Later the next day I was in our garage, and she came out and asked how I was. I was surprised in myself. I felt absolutely no guilt. I felt good about what had happened. She smiled and said neither do I. Still at this point I had not really gotten a good look at her body. I told her that and she said soon very soon. When I did it was better than her daughters, years of her daily routine had really paid off. I never guessed it was as good as it was because she dressed conservatively. I asked her later about that and she said “why?” 6 months later my FIL died. 2 years after his passing she moved in with my wife and me. She is in her early 70’s now and a few grey hairs are starting to show. We have continued our “affair” over the years. My wife suggested her mother travel with me to keep me “out of trouble”. I told her “well what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” she said “I know, I love you and I love her, just never let it become an issue for us” and it never has.

Oct 11, 2020

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