My husband is fattening me up and I like it.

Ever since we met my husband has been fattening me up. I am nearing 350lbs and are really enjoying it. I enjoy having him cuddling my obese belly and saying im beautiful, but im worried about my health. I have an urge to keep growing, because him rubbing my belly as we have s** is amazing. what should I do?

Apr 12, 2016

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  • You're disgusting. No sane person would do that to themselves.

  • Fat girls, really really fat girls love to eat pussie and are really good at it too. The problem is finding the huge ones who practice good hygiene. Some don't realize they have to wash AND DRY between those fat rolls. Otherwise them can stank bad. And they can get bad acne too, especially on their legs and a****. Not too attractive to look at. So I've had two women who were huge but fantatics about keeping clean and blemish free skin. Oh god, they suck tittties and pussie all day long and then some. Wish I could find someoen like that now.

  • My fiancé has been entertaining the idea of having s** with a thinner female partner while I watch. She's was 710lbs at last weigh in and I am very diligent at keeping her clean, powdered and dry so that she can avoid rashes and fungus from incubating between her fat rolls. We've been pretty lucky so far but with a woman that size you are going to have an occasional outbreak.

    My fiancé is blonde and blue eyed and very attractive. She has a big all over kind of shape with a nice big double belly, big fatty b****** with pierced nipples. A huge bubble butt nice saddlebags and double rolls on her thighs. She is also surprisingly mobile for her size but a thinner girl will still have to do a lot of the work. We have a bariatric lift and sling over our bed that we make good use of during intimacy. If you are interested send your email so we can arrange a possible meeting. If you have to travel we can help foot the bill.

  • There are healthy fatsos. Just make sure you eat a balance of all kinds of things and just eat lots of it. If you exercise on the reg you'll stay in pretty good shape. There's lots of healthy tubbos and there's skinny ass b****** who are totally unhealthy. Enjoy your life. Thats whats important.

  • My wife weighs 480lbs... We we married she was 350lbs and we both love it. There is nothing better than sleeping with and cuddling a beautiful fat chick. As long as she is okay with being fattened, I will keep feeding her like a prize hog.

  • My wife is 350 lb and I love it the s** is amazing and I love cuddling her fat body

  • Just go with it. That’s really hot, wish my girl would get fat

  • If you feel good then pack on the weight. Enjoy as he feeds and stuffs you and always eat lots before sleep, it will help to pack on the weight faster. Just think how good s** will be at 500 or 600 pounds while hubby plays with all your fat.

  • You go girl. If you like all of your fat and it pleases the hubby just keep gaining. You love it now when he plays with all your fat just imagine him feeding you and playing with all your fat. Go ahead and go for 450 and enjoy it.

  • You should talk to him about gaining more weight, and also get a checkup to see how your vitals are doing. Some people can get really big and stay healthy. Others can’t. You should also consider the fertility impacts.

  • I doubt anyone can get that Big and stay Healthy.

  • Keep going darling, you are the master of your own body. I love really big women and especially bellies. love to rub the fat while licking mmm. i like to use my wife's belly button too so so sensual while passionate kissing. getting worked up just thinking about you fat belly hun. Good for you!

  • Love it. I wish my bf of 13 yrs would feed me. I want to be his piggy.

  • I would love to turn you into my piggy.

  • I would love to feed you constantly.

  • Leave him then & find yourself a FA or feeder man. I did & i am so happy.
    536lbs happy fatty.

  • How old r u

  • As long as your health is okay, keep gaining. Pack on the pounds :) Enjoy gaining weight.

  • Once again a stupid pig f***** (see below) is encouraging some big fat dopey whale to commit slow suicide. This world is full of sickos, idiots and perverted creeps. No one should encourage another human being to further a life destroying addiction.

  • Once again ignore the ignorant tart with his stupid comment below hes a closet bbw lover he took the time to find this post hes a self hater, anyway I hope your gaining is going well hope to see some pics soon. -lovesbbws

  • Big fat slob. You are going to have a heart attack so big it will kill everyone in your f***** family. You f***** pigs make me sick.

  • Is there any chance you can post a picture so I can see your progress?, im basically the only one who comes to this post- .lovesbbws

  • I don't know what I weigh, but I am well over 500lbs probably even 600lbs. I have gained weight deliberately as everything about getting this big turns me on & the fact that I have my husband wrapped around my little finger & he spoils me rotten. My health is pretty good considering the size I have gotten & I think that's down to doing some exercise, I swim & eating healthy, even though I eat a lot ;). I am in my 50's.

  • Don't listen to that moron who originally commented hes been preaching death on almost every post, so listen, if you have kids then id say don't gain but im here ta say gain to your hearts content bigger is ALWAYS better, look at these women on tv the super size models that are now skinny theyre miserable and depressed, so in my opinion theres no such thing as too big even if your having doubts don't listen to it just be happy gaining your husband is a lucky man, let me know what you think -lovesbbws

  • Really? What should you do? What do you want to do? Does it really matter? It's your body and your life. If you want to be fat and deal with all the health problems, have at it. But then please don't complain when you're dealing with medical complications. Hope your hubby is saving up for your funeral know double the fun = double the plot size. But you know eat away.

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