Caught the wife

So I usually leave work work and drop off the kids at school on the way. I have to leave early so it gives me a few minutes to get some food and read the news before work.

A few months ago, I dropped off the kids and realized I had forgotten something I needed for work. Headed back home. Wife was in the chair in the living room on her phone. She had on just a towel wrapped around her waist and one leg propped up on the arm of the chair. Could clearly see her p****. She looked at me and said, "What are you doing home?" I said, "Forgot some stuff. I like what I see. You wanna get frisky before I have to leave?" She said, "Won't you be late?" I said, "I got about 20 min." She said, "You better just get to work."

I was thinking, "Meh. I tried. Didn't think she would be up to it." I went to work and went about my day. About a week or so later I went back to the house before work. I walked in and she must have not heard or seen me pull up because she was completely naked on the couch. She had a pretty large d**** pumping it in and out of her p**** and had p*** on the tv. I opened the door and she said, "S***. You scared the h*** out of me. I thought you were going to work." She quickly pulled the blanket that was draped over the back of the couch on top of her. I knew what she was doing but said, "Sorry. Left my coffee. What were you doing?" She said, "Nothing. Just sitting here." I walked up to her and went to move the covers. She tried to stop me. I said, "I wanna see your lovely body." She said, "Honey. Come on. Stop." I pulled the cover back and she had a pretty big d**** still in her p****. I said, "Aw s***. Playing with your p****, huh?" She said, "You're embarrassing me." I said, "Why? I've never seen you m*********. It's ok dear. Wow. When did you get that?" She said, "I've had this." I said, "I haven't seen any toys. Doesn't bother me."

I left and headed to work. On my way, my boss called me. The meeting that was scheduled for that day was cancelled and that was going to be the brunt of the work day. He said I could just take a paid day off if I didn't have any work to catch up on. I went and got some food and then headed back home. Kids wouldn't be home for several hours and my wife wasn't expecting me home till 5. I parked around the corner and walked up.

Her friends car was in the driveway. Stacy is one of her best friends. No big deal. I still wanted to peak at what was going on. I saw from a distance that nothing was happening in the living room. I went around back and looked in through the bedroom window. Stacy was in my bed laying naked against the stack of pillows my wife puts on the bed. My wife was on her knees on the bed eating Stacy's p**** and she had a hand between her legs.

I went back to the car. I pulled it to the curb. Got out and went inside making sure to not make any noise. Our bedroom is past the kitchen. I tiptoed out of my shoes and set my keys down on the table. I made sure it was loud enough to be heard. I said, "Babe. I'm home early. You in the bedroom?" I said and did all this while still walking to the bedroom. I heard her whisper, "S***. Today of all days."

I walked into the bedroom and she knew she couldn't hide it. I walked in and she looked up at me. She was still on her knees and had turned her head to see me with her head right on stacy's p****. I said, "So, this what you do while the house is empty?" She said, "Honey. see." I said, "Don't bother trying to come up with an excuse. You were having lesbian s**. Period. Guess this is why you turn me down more times than not. Well. Have fun. Going to get groceries and pick up the kids."

I turned around and left. Tried to guilt her with my tone but my c*** was rock hard. I ignored like a dozen texts from her while shopping. Came home a few hours later and acted like I hadn't seen anything. She had a confused look on her face but didn't try and start any kind of conversation.

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  • I agree with so many others here! Divorce that lying b****!!! Anyone that cheats deserves to be shamed forever and do get custody over that immoral c***! You seem like an awesome guy and she does not deserve you, sounds like you work hard so that b**** doesn't have to work too, f****** ungrateful as h***

  • I'm having a girl - girl affair with a mom I met at my kids playgroup. Neither of us want to break up our marriages. I still really love my husband and actually I think I love him more since I've been doing this. It's like a different aspect to my life. I swing between being racked with guilt to even getting aroused thinking about how different it is to what everyone expects of me / us. So maybe you would have been better off not knowing. Who knows. Now you know though you need to work it out. This saying and not saying thing is weird though. I reckon you should spank her. Or do something with the other woman. Be bad enough to be attractive.

  • This is soooo hot!

  • You might as well divorce her because she's probably going to leave you sooner or later. I had a girlfriend who went the lesbian route and once they get a taste of another woman's crotch their marriage to a man is dated.

    Try to get the kids because they don't need to be around mommy when her face is in another woman's lap.

  • You're an a******

  • S*** I caught my sister with a d**** and showed her how much a real d*** is on xmas eve

  • I would have joined in. And intentionally came inside her friend multiple times

  • Although it's very important to be honest. Let her in joy her female friend .she's not ignoring your needs . I say let her enjoy . NOT OTHER MEN !!!!!!!!! but females I see no harm.

  • Offer her a threesome

  • Agree!!!

  • If it was me walking in on my wife and her friend i'd stripped and f***** the two of them

  • I asked her how long this had been going on. Told her to just be honest. She said that her friend and her have been doing it off and on since before the wedding. Stacy was her matron of honor for our wedding. They apparently had s** the night before the wedding. She said they have been having s** off and on this whole time. Wasn't very frequent at first but the week I walked in on it, they had s** 3 times that week. They have gone on trips together and the whole time I didn't think twice of it.

  • Yeah I would say definitely divorce her. Take the kids and try to explain in a.. Gentler manner of speaking why they can't live with their mother anymore.
    Sorry to hear that this has happened to you.

  • Because mum is having an affair, it makes her an unfit parent or is it because she's gay?

  • How do you feel about it? What are you going to do?

  • Yeah dude..tell us more

  • More tell us more

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