I f****** hate my moms boyfriend i want to kill his f****** ass he just f****** moved in a i told him " U will respect me my mom my sister and my brothers u are nothing but a piece of s*** to me for all i care u go f****** die" And then he Said "Ur not gonna treat me like a piece of s***" and i said "really you wanna f****** bet" i slashed his tired broke his window stole his credit card and bought a lot of nice s*** with it including a 20 k car and i also treat him like s*** "i told him that he is nothing to me except for a worthless piece of s*** on the ground, go to f****** h*** for all i care and if u lay a hand on me i will call my real dad down here and blow your brains out" and i also said "if even see as much as see u touch my mom i will personally kill u


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  • I read nothing in your post about what he has done that's so bad. But I did read several actions from you that sound criminal, hateful, disrespectful, selfish, ignorant, entitled, petty, asinine, and weak. I hope he sends you to jail. It's where you belong, you creep.

  • You're not saying enough as to why you hate your mother's boyfriend so much. Please offer more details. And do you think that hating him alone is a reason for your unfair and hateful behavior toward him?

  • In light of your desire to be a lifelong prison inmate, we're sure you will enjoy the n****** carving you a new r***** there.. Bye.

  • Why aren't you mad at your mom too? She's dating s***** men and bringing them around you. She chooses crappy men over her kids. She may be a great mom, but she has terrible taste. Isn't there anyone else you can live with? If he does lay a hand on you, call the cops. However, you may be mad and hate him. But you're actions aren't justifiable -- really. You just committed a couple of serious felonies and you're probably going to be going to jail soon, and you can only blame yourself for your own actions.

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