Familiar face on Craigslist

I'm 18 male and was really h**** one day so I posted an ad on Craigslist, when posting the ad I wrote my age and did not specify the age I was looking for I got about 11 offers and all were guys ages 50-65 so I thought what the h*** its a one time thing to get me off so I looked through the offers and finally picked one it was some 57 year old guy he lived alone so I told him I'll meet him after uni. When I got to his place I was a bit nervous but rand the bell I was a bit shocked when the guy opened his door and he was completely naked and his b**** where sagging and wrinkle I almost left but I was here to get a BJ so I thought doesn't matter how is b**** are I'm not touching them lol

So I walked in and got undressed and layed down on the bed and he started to suck me off (for all his faults, he was really good at sucking) after a few minutes I was really hard so when he asked if I could f*** him I said okay and began to f*** him for awhile and then I c** inside him and left

Skip about two weeks later and I'm at my uncles office helping with some work and on my way out I bumped into a worker and said sorry when the worker said its okay and turned around we both quickly realized it was us (the old guy I f*****) he asked what I was doing I told him I was helping my uncle and he said that he works for my uncle

I wanted to get out of there quick cause I didn't want him saying anything to my uncle bit before I got to leave he asked if I'd come with him to his car because he was on break and he wanted my c*** for lunch (I thought that was a weird way to ask for s**) he was so nervous and I didn't know if I said no he'd tell my uncle about so I said okay but let's drive away from the office

After he sucked my off till I came on his mouth I left however he would message me about having s** and I'd always go and f*** him cause i didn't know if he would say something

It's about 6 months now and I've been f****** this old man at least 1 or 2 a week and at first I just wanted it to end quick but now I feel okay about it and honestly it's been some really good s** lately

Is it weird to have a gay duck buddy that is 40 years older then you?

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  • Is normal. I was 24 and my f*** buddy was 53. He was great just what I was looking for when I also was curious. He knew exactly what I wanted and soon I became his s** slave(which I love to be). Enjoy!

  • I think it's ok to have a f*** buddie that's older than you. I'm 19f but I'm going to be 20 and my fuckbuddie is in his 30's so there's a bit of an age difference there. But aslong as both of you are enjoying each then it's ok. best of luck to you!!:)

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