Comming out to my wife

I told my wife from the start, I liked to dress as a girl, at the beginning, she was into it, she would help me with makeup then go out with me in public. As time went on, she drifted away, she didn't help or go out with me, she let me know, she would tolerate it but didn't want to see it. My problem was, I wanted more, so I threw out all my male under garments & only wore panties, bras, corsets & pantyhose over my completely shaved body. Next I started wearing nightgowns to bed, then I went out & had my ears pierced, my eyebrows waxed super thin & highly arched & started growing my hair & nails out. About 3 months latter, my wife informed me that the neighbors & others in town were all talking about me becoming a woman & it was embarrassing her, she said her best friend asked her if I was wearing pantyhose & heels along with makeup & nail polish, my wife said she didn't know. By this time I had a nice c cup breast, which my wife knew nothing about my hormones. I quit my job & told my wife it was because of how I looked, she already had plans to travel with her friends for two weeks, so I was in heaven. I was living as Joann full time while she was gone, until she came home sick 4 days early & her & her friends caught me sucking a guys d***, dressed as Joann.

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  • Been there, i started dressing very young, my ex-wife busted me wearing her mother's cocktail dress, panties, bra, heels and pantyhose, and me on all fours as this guy had pulled the pantyhose and panties down and was humping me. She started to yell and throw things but the guy kept going a just a bit more c****** in me as she watched in horror. What really got her was me moaning as he filled me. She moved out a few days later. We did try to work it out, she even had me dress for her. But me coming home a few times in a dress with c** stains on the front or pantyhose torn. She just couldn't handle it.

  • Bruce. Is that you?

  • Wow, what a horror story for your wife!

  • Srsly! She was open-minded and tolerant, and OP took that and ran the fck away with it. I suppose the wife, ^this commentator and I are all "transphobes" now for uttering anything other than worshipful squealing glee for OP, too. TFB. Being trans is not a green light to railroad everyone around you into adoring you. Go find your tribe, they're out there somewhere. And learn how to not push away those who would be on your side if you didn't shove your $hit down their throats just as badly as any bible-beater!

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