That I've had s** with uncountable number of women in my life till now, i am 36 by the way. i am a p*** addict also. love my wife and two daughters. have been lucky to have never been caught or never ever had any kind of major std. Blew a lot of money after women who sell their bodies for money. Generally used to do it first thing after i left for work around noon. Would contact s** providers and go to the best available one. God has been very kind to shower me with money. Have never hurt or cheated any s** providers. Have always treated them with respect as would do to any other woman. But have now become sick and tired of this addiction. have recently quit for around twenty days. I am a Scorpion by zodiac. only wish to confess here is because cannot do it anywhere else. please pray for peace upon humanity.

Thanks for Reading.


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  • I'm sure you know better than to consider the 2 cackling fools below this.. They don't even know appropriate fundamental punctuation or sentence structure, yet they claim to know your medical prognosis.. You must be thankful there are so many physicians on this gossip website..

  • You law of averages has ran its course, you are due for a STD. HIV does not show up until it is too late, just remember that.

  • Yes you are correct, sometimes it may take 5 or more years for HIV to manifest itself.

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