I think i've fallen out of love. i left for chicago on friday and my boyfriend and i were fine. on saturday, we texted throughout the day. on sunday, we fought around 1am. i broke it off with him because he took it too far and i was tired of this routine we had. he doesn't consider us broken up and he never will no matter what i say. I haven't spoken to him since then (sunday). i didn't leave chicago until about 3am today. idk if i feel this way because it was pretty recent or..? i still sense that some feelings are present, but at the same time, i don't feel like fighting for him anymore. i've tried to end it previously because there have been occassions he's really hurt me and promised not to make the same mistake again, but i've developed trust issues because of how frequently it's happened since he's made those promises. i want to fight for him, but it's so hard because i have no trust or faith at this point. what to do... only reason i'm still sane is because i've had enough distraction to last me at least till wednesday. i really don't know what to expect after that. what is going on

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