I've been struggling for a while with my sexuality. I've always told people I was straight but now there's this one person that I can't stop thinking about (same s**) and I honestly am so conflicted. I've been raised to believe that being bisexual or gay is disgusting and shouldn't be allowed but now I'm not sure I can agree. I mean I'm attracted to guys for sure but now I'm starting to feel something for this one girl and I don't understand.

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  • Maybe you're pansexual.I am.
    I'm attracted to a persons personality,mind and heart,regardless of their gender.That's what pans means,if you didn't know already :)

    There's nothing wrong,with questioning and exploring your sexuality.I believe it's a natural process and not a sin.God loves everyone,regardless of,who they fall in love with x Being gay isn't a sin.
    Explore your sexuality,experiment with it and talk to people within the gay community,online.

    Good luck!

  • Feelings and emotions can't be described or wright or wrong we connect through emotions and attract to what we are attracted to go after that girl you have feelings for and don't hold back try it out and if it makes you happy that's what your heart wants nothing is wrong with being attracted to the same s**

  • Why don't you allow yourself to go to therapy in order to explore the issue. It sounds as if you might have bisexual leanings. This does not mean however that you have to have s** with both genders. It's purely your decision. Hope all works out well.

  • I am a crossdresser and I am also confused about my sexuality. I won'tlet it hold me back. I so understand your feelings xxx

  • Speaking only from my own experience I don't think there is anything wrong with being Bi or gay. I'm a 45 year old man. I consider myself bisexual. For me, love has always been about the person. For me love isn't about one s** or the other. I'm drawn to the connection I feel with someone. It dorsnt make you a bad person if you are gay or bi. The people that will try and beat you down simply because of who you choose to love, they are the bad people. Be who you are. Straight, gay or bisexual. Don't let small minded people dictate your happiness.

  • ^ Did we just become best friends. :-)

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