I'm falling in love with my sister in law. My little sister is gay and has a gf I totally accepted since day one my sister is the girly one hers is the masculine type in looks but the sweetest in personality she's attractive as a woman with short hair young slim body but muscular I'm shorter than her but we've been getting along good when I was out of town she came to live with my fiancé and my sons she lived with us for awhile until her and my sister got their own place I'm 28 she's 20and my sister is 21 they've been together for almost two years. Lately me and my sister and law became close when I mean close is close I find myself venting with her often and telling her all of my personally problems things I never tell anybody else or friends or even my own blood related family. We used to work in the same place until I switched locations she's such a friendly gal she'll text me every morning and say good morning bro blessed day etc she's always said she sees me as a older brother and everything I do she looks up to. I'm a civil engineer in the construction world when we worked together she was my helper I taught her a few things every now and then I'd invite my sister and her to the house we'd grill or drink or just talk and chill after awhile. I realized every time I saw her that I had a thing for her i noticed I always go to her when things are bad she listens and her maturity is the perfect match that she knows what to say. We talk about almost anything that really makes no sense to us I help her with anything I can in engineering since she's studying what I do lately I've just wanted to keep in touch with her tbh idk what to do maybe it's just her attractiveness she has short hair but lord Jesus her face is beautiful I think I might be in love with this chick wow...

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  • Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!!! You have to let it go. This will ruin your relationship with your sister. This isn't the the kind of thing you do. If you act on this it will be for selfless reasons that will effect your entire family.

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