A Woman's Desires

Sometimes I just want to be held, loved, caressed, adored, listened to. Not hit on by married white men who think just because I'm an African American woman who's slightly overweight and with dark brown smooth skin, pretty smile it's open season on me.

I want to start a website to oust them called, Wives No Longer In The Dark....I want to bait them in by going on a well known public website, post to meet married men, upload their pictures and emails sent to me and contact the people who leaked Ashley Madison clients!!!!

So tired of their selfish, selfish righteous and closet racist a****!!!!! B

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  • African American ladies are the most beautiful women on this planet. White women would kill to have the body of a black women . And all men wish their lady had the body of a black women
    So I want to apologize for all the married white guys that have and will hit on you. Black ladies your beautiful your blessed with gorgeous bodies. I love and we married white guys just can't help our selves.

  • I agree men can be jerks . In today's world you have to be real careful when when you mess with somebody's family. Especially when you might destroy a family .or take the father out of the home away from the kids. The kids need their father .he may not be the most faithful husband but he might be a great father to his kids.
    Look you sound like a lady that gets a lot of attention from men .so I'm sure you are very attractive . Forgive those who may not be as morally responsible as you. Let them know you don't date men that are in relationships or married. Don't make it personal. Now if he keeps on or proceeds and it makes you feel disrespected. Do what you have to do.

  • You sure have a lot of time on your hands! Think twice before changing someone's life course - it could cause huge karmic repercussions

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