Am I being used?

Sometimes I wonder if the only reason my boyfriend puts up with me is so he can have s**. I'm problematic with my anxiety and "act before you think" behavior. We argue once a week. But he knows I love s**. He doesn't think he is attractive so what if he has the mindset that he will never catch this break again and is settling?

Apr 22, 2016

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  • Being honest here. I've dated far too many problematic, crazy, act before you think women, and most are (this may be difficult for you to hear), "easy pickings". Little bit of attention, throw some s** here and there, and they're on call 24-7. Have had so many come back to me after we were done with the relationship, apologizing for things they either never did, or, that I did. The guy knows what he's doing, but, so do you...

  • Look young lady, you were not created to imagine issues that aren't there.. Your duty is to simply let him do the thinking & obey.. If it is his decision to settle, support him & make the best of it.. He will be informing you if there is more he wants you to do.. It's in the best interest of all to let your man do the thinking & make decisions for you both.. Tried & True..

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