I want to be single...

I love you, and I'm happy with you, but I just want to be single for a while.
I haven't been single in FOUR YEARS. Getting together with you doesn't count - I had a boyfriend, and there was a lot of denial and guilt. It wasn't cute, fun flirtation - it was gut-wrenching and ignored, because it wasn't allowed.

I want to be single and flirt and be flirted with, cuz I've never had that, ever, and I finally want it... and it might be too late.
College is half over.
And I love you. Living with you is awesome, except we still don't have time for each other. You do realize that, right? We almost never hang out, we barely even cook together. I only see you because we live in the same place. It's kind of pathetic how busy we both are.

... I'm actually really excited to "break up for abroad" like you suggested... is that awful of me?
I just really want to BE ATTRACTIVE! And not be ignored as that "serial monogamist". Even though I am.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • As a wise man once said...
    "Everything before the word 'BUT', is bullshit.

  • go for it hun!!!! if things are meant, you'll fall back into each others paths,or not...but things will work themselves out

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