Doing Fine but Depressed

I recently worked my ass off to graduate at the top of my class from a great school and could find no work in my field. I took a job I didn't really want in a city near my hometown where I didn't know anyone, figuring that the two cities would be similar enough that meeting people wouldn't be a problem. I've been here for seven months now and I haven't made a single friend. Some days I don't even speak to anyone outside of my office. I dealt with this by going home and seeing my friends back there when I could but now that I'm back at work after the holidays I really realize how empty my life is here, how often I feel ignored even when I try to reach out and volunteer my time/talent in my community. I've felt worthless since I graduated and living here makes me feel worse every day. I don't feel suicidal or anything like that but I do feel profoundly empty and cynical and I'm scared that I'm wasting my life by being here.

Jan 7, 2016

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  • Are you in AZ , if you are leave, that is the lonliest place in earth

  • Did the school you graduated from offer job placement? In this market, unfortunately sometimes you just have to take a job so you can survive. But that doesn't mean you stop looking. Keep your eyes peeled for other opportunities. Keep volunteering, join meet ups, date, take a class, even go to lunch with co workers - make an effort with them. People are's sad but a true excuse. Just keep putting forth the effort, you'll make friends. It's almost like an art to be cool at being persistent.. you know you have to make yourself available, flexible and put forth the effort and they won't see it as desperate or annoying. Do not give up. Just stay positive and SMILE. There are lots of things to be happy about. You have a job, you have a place to live, you have a degree you worked your ass of you just are continuing to build up on it. It will happen.

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