Teres this boy in my school who likes me. i never even knew him until yr8 when we had our first lesson together. if i had heard of him it would have been through one of my friends who always used to tell me how annoying he was.
in music, the lesson we have together he told me "i wanna see you naked". i could not believe what he said but just ignored him. also we make little sub groups to do music tasks and one week he was put into my group. he was literally staring into my face smiling at me and when i did turn around he did not stop. when i see him he smiles at me and i make weird faces and he laughs making me smile aswell. im going to start yr10 and have really started to like him even though hes ugly. but i think him and my friend should go out. my other friend and me even tried setting them up once. also sometimes i cant stand him. i really dont know what to do.

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  • It's always nice when u know someone likes u. Sometimes boys can be extremely irritating to the point where we can't stand them as u stated above. The naked comment was probably because he wanted to say something that would catch ur attention and couldn't think of anything better to say, (Cause guys are stupid like that) My advice to u is to set the record straight. Tell him in the nicest way possible that ur not interested but would like to be FRIENDS. But be careful with the FRIENDS part as some boys take this very hard, its the whole "Lets be friends" cliche' u see in every movie or read in every book. Honesty is the best thing for this problem and make sure u recomend ur friend a little while AFTER the LETS BE FRIENDS part. He sounds like a great person although slightly irritable and even if he is ugly if u liked him it wouldn't have mattered. Love doesn't look with the eyes, love looks with ur heart. If he takes the rejection badly then at least u know u did the right thing by telling him how u feel. Ur prince charming will come one day but u'll have to go through a couple of frogs first. Hope this helped! x

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