This is a story about me and my bestfriend.anyone who read this,please dont do this. i have this one friend,a very good friend.she was really nice to me,wherever we go,we'll go together.we eat together,study together and yea everything we did together.she was really kind,she was like my BEST friend that i had and i really can rely on her if i had any problems.but then,something day,i was hanging out with my two friend.and one of them said that she doesnt like my bff's behavior cuz she always with her other friend and whenever she wants to talk to my bff,she would always ignore and talk with the i was thinking,oh i noticed that idk why,but the words are controlling my mind.and i ignored her after bff was confused,what did she done?? why am i avoiding her?? she kept asking but i ignored her and doesnt hang out with her anymore.many asked me " hey,i no longer see you with ______?? did u guys fought?" i denied and acted like nothing happened.this situation continued for like almost a month and i still doean twll her what was my reason.actually i felt guilty and i missed walking with her but i just couldnt say it.and guiltiness is building inside me more as i saw her crying every night because i did not want to sit beside her ( we were seatmates in class).i saw her cried and my deskmates are all comforting her and i couldnt help but to feel guilty.i saw her cried everyday and one day,i finally decided to write a letter for her.and yes she did replied back.on our test day,she lined up infront of me according to name lists.and she wished me a goodluck and i smiled.i smiled cuz i was really happy and i missed her goodlucks.after the test is over,she came to me saying sorry and i said "no i wasnt mad.i forgave you." and she said that she was scared cuz i seemed to hate her.i said to her "lets not be awkward after this." and she agreed.but end up,we are being awkward until now and we are like strangers now.and i missed her a lot.i missed laughing and talking with her.but i know that it's my fault here, if you're reading,i want to say sorry again.and i love you a lot,friend.

i hope that this doesnt happen to anyone else.please cherish your bff.

Apr 7, 2020

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  • Sounds like you need some girl on girl time

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