Why is my boyfriend's brother ignoring my text

I'm 18(F) , my boyfriend is 22(m) and his brother is 18(m), I've been developing this weird feelings for him, don't judge me, I love my boyfriend but his brother is driving me nuts. I have never met his brother but I'll be meeting him this year, I and my boyfriend have been dating for a year, problem is that my boyfriend asked me to chat up with his brother to know him better, so I sent him a text "hi" and introduced myself, it took him 3 days to read and reply the message. On the 4Th of July I wished him happy celebration because he is in USA now. Well he didn't read the message not until yesterday, he read it yesterday but didn't reply. I've asked my boyfriend why his brother doesn't want to reply me and what did I do but he said he doesn't know. I don't know what to do right now, because he ignored me and what might be the reason he ignores me, he doesn't even know me much. What do you think, I'm so confused right now because he has gotten my attention

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  • I think he already has feelings for you!

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