Hot feelings for Co-worker

There is this young good looking muscular guy at work that I have become very fond of. I get those hot sexy feelings every time I see him. I am a 44 year old married woman. I look at him and smile and usually make some flirty remark. He in turn looks at me like, "I want some of her". Well I don't know what to do. How can I really be sure he want me? I surely want him. My husband would not like it at all if I had an affair and he found out about it.

Apr 28, 2016

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  • Just do the guy,he might be the best guy for you.If you don't you will spend nights next to your hubby feeling miserable and unfulfilled.You will be wondering about what it would have been like,which woman he is with now and how much she is loving it. Sometimes,a woman has to be sexually aggressive,and I think you should.Some guys love it when a woman goes after them. Sleeping with him does not meat you don't love your hubby.You need to control this situation,and keep your hubby from finding out by. You will sleep with this guy for sure, so stop wasting time. I know what I am talking about because I have been sleeping with married women since 1986;if I am gonna have an affair,I almost always choose a married woman:)

  • You will regret not taking the opportunity to have a fling. All women have this desire, some act on it and some whish they had.
    Which are you?

  • Look, beyond dispute, dude wants you.. You know the flirts are part of de mating dance.. More importantly the issue here is that you dames have too many choices.. Obviously you know that if you initiate a illegitimate affair, once dude penetrates your loose c*** with his P****, you will be hooked.. You are clearly way too immature for marriage.. You are contributing to making a joke of the vows you made to your spouse.. That is the trouble here. You will do what you want regardless of what you read in this silly forum.. You look to this forum for other stupid dames to tell you to succumb to your childish urges, regardless of your matrimonial promise.. You're another sicko afflicted with liberalism ; the mental disease that destroys societies globally..

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