Former student now wife

When i was a teacher, there was this girl Melissa who was my student. She was super petite, very flirty, and wore short skirts to school often. As the years went on, we developed an affection to each other. It never crossed my mind to do anything illegal. However, during her senior year she really turned it up - wearing short skirts and sitting on my desk and showing off. Finally graduation time came and she graduated. A few days later we started chatting online and she was super flirty. A week later she was at my place for the first time. She let me touch her and get her naked. Finally seeing that young tight body on her was amazing. A week later we ended up having s**. It was crazy knowing I was inside my former student making her o*****. Her moan was sexy and amazing. A few years went by and we ended up getting married and are still happily married today.

Nov 20, 2019

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  • I'm bi woman age 42. I had a similar things with a fraternal twins a boy Tom and girl SallyI knew them since they were born and was their English teacher and gave them extra tutoring each day. I was 32 at the time.

    When they were 15, Tom became tall, strong and good looking. Sally became a pretty girl with nice b**** and a sexy ass. At some point, I started fantasizing about them sexually while masterbating.

    Over the winter break their mother ( my friend) asked me to watch them for a week while she was on a business trip.

    Long story short, on the first night i got them high on weed, and seduced both of them. I had s** with both of them as the other watched.

    The next morning Tom and I were having oral s** again, and Sally just joined us. She took her Tom's c*** in her mouth and sucked, I ate Sally, Tom ate me.

    It was incredible oral s**. Tom is a s** machine he can go a long time and several times a day.

    That was 10 years ago and we are still at it. Their mom discovered the three of us when they were 18 after HS graduateion and disowned all of us. We moved west and all live together.

    That year Tom impregnated me and his sister. I had a boy and Sally a girl.

    Tom had been breeding us constantly, neither Sally or I use protection. He has impregnated both of us three more times.

    I'm due next month and Sally in January.

    We threesome every night, but mostly oral as we are both so pregnant.

    They are both heavy into incest now.

    I love watching them have s** and knowing I got them started. So sexy and beautifully hot.

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