Never again.

I cheated on my husband before, and he knows this. He feared that when he would be gone that there would be the temptation again. I can truthfully say that when one of my guy friends drove me home, drunk from the bar-- that nothing happened.
I know it'll be hard to believe, but it's true, I love you honey :)

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Well, not here to judge, but you shouldn't drive drunk and stuff AFTER you cheated lol. I mean, your husband is probably mad at that and stuff.

  • The first two commenters with all the hateful remarks must be fat f**** who can't get laid so they lash out on others. Stupid f****! This is serious s***!

  • I believe peole can learn they're lesson after having regrets about cheating. I don't think your a s*** but maybe you should stay out of bars and alcohol that always gets me h****.

  • You mean "their." "Their" is possessive, "they're" is "they are."
    You mean "you're." "Your" is possessive, "you're" is "you are."

  • ^ ^ ^ ^LOL WHY CANCER??? LOL FUNNY THOUGH!!!! I Have to agree, you are an undeserving s***. Your husband has to be pretty cool to be ok with you riding around drunk with a "guy friend". If I were him, you wouldn't be allowed any friends.

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