New Friend

I was very bored one summer evening and i decided to go for a drive. i passed a 7-11 and there was a pretty 18 year old girl with a great body just sitting out front. i decided to see what she was up to. after about 20 minutes she got up and began walking down the street. it looked like she had nice 34C t*** and a great ass.

It was a main road but not very busy this night. when she was down the road a bit i decided that i would park my car and follow her for a while. i was wearing my running clothes, nylon shorts and T-shirt and cross trainers. by the time i parked i was a couple of hundred feet behind her.

for whatever reason she crossed the street and began heading back the way she came. i pretended i was jogging and she paid no attention to me. when i got a ways past her i crossed over and began to gain on her as i jogged. she was approaching a section of road where the streetlight had gone out.

as soon as she was in the dark i ran up behind her and caught her in a bear hug. to my surprise she did nothing. she was very relaxed. i took the opportunity to see if i could get a reaction from her and began feeling her t*** over her shirt. nothing! she just let me feel her. still looking for a reaction i slipped my hands under her shirt and pushed off her bra and felt her bare t***. they were soft and firm. she just let me play so i slipped a hand down to her belt and opened it, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and slipped my hand in her panties and began to play with her p****.

i whispered that i wanted to f*** her. she said "let me see you!" and I panicked and ran off. it was exciting while it lasted.

Jun 27, 2021

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