Your not cool sallies, 55-59? 2 broken marriages n neglected kids

You think your so cool sallies speeding running red lights and showing off in your car and you leave your 10 year old daughter with your old mum to be a single woman over and over after each marriage you give out on for a young di. ck. yeh, you are not cool. and your not nice and your not sexy and men won't like you for all the bullying and picking you do and you act like a man and then play coy girl and your just a terrible zgrade actress plotting and playing games. no you are not cool sallies. cool is being a good mother and giving up some of your sexual drive for someone else to have a go. cool is allowing someone else a chance to be married for once, cool is talking nicely to your workers. cool is not giving nasty lectures and playing mind games

May 1, 2016

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  • What is it with s***** mothers lately. Whatever happened to maternal instinct

  • 55-59 seems too old to have a 10 year old.

  • All of ^this^ is true.

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