I AM that type of girl

Hey all, what happened this bank holiday wkend topped everything iv done before! ie, PUB TOILETS and MY EXs FRIENDS, so me and my best friend got dressed up real slutty! me in my leathers again, went over a few citys for this weekend big music event etc after moves onto late night deinking and ended up at this massive rave/houseparty, so drunk, buzzin and h**** i told my bff about everything else i had been doing and we got chatting s**, and we had guys around us all day/night both us had snogged about 4 each and both had been touched up, i had my eyes on this group older guys who i found really hot but my mate being the buzzkill said "they look dodgy, shifty, and dangerious" and yea they did but thats why i liked them, at first one came over followed by the rest and before long both us getting touched up, we started a s***-up compo ended with me winning, we popped some pills and the guys offered their place to crash, i call em on it n said that they. just wanted to f*** us, the asked if we both could handle it...well at time he asked me that he had his fingers in me and i had two his mates d**** in my hands, however just as we got to their flat/digs just outside my best mate bottled it and said "no dont go through with it, they are dangerious," i told her to get real and she replyed, " well if u wana go be a s*** then go do it, im not that type of girl" by then all the guys (5 them were waitin getting s*****) one guy was behind me wrapped aroundme grabbing my t*** as my mate spoke to me, my hand in his c***, i just replyed
to her in loud voice, "well i am that type girl" she did nothing as i dropped to my knees got this guys d*** out and put it in my mouth and started sucking him off in the street as she walked off ina huff, after that i went inside sucked them all off before they stripped me (not completly thou)all f***** me, dped me and g********* me to f***! it was nasty, vile disgusting, degrading, sorid s** all night long fuelled on drugs and booze and i f****** loved it, i came muiltiple times and so did all they? done things iv never done before, managed to fit two d**** in my mouth, sucked them straight from my ass, gargelled their man muck, did lines off their d****, i duno how many times they all came but i woke up next day (bhol mon) about 3pm in a pool of seman covered in wet and dry j*** and bruises, my ass and p**** was so sore, my tights all ripped, the zips on my skirt and tops were broken, my make up was smudged to f*** but i had massive smile all over my c** covered face!

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  • I in love with Palmela K. and I will love to sniff her panties

  • Who?

  • They like tore your clothes off ?

  • Pretty much yea, tights were torn yo shreds and they broke the zip on my skirt, :(

  • Ohh you seem to had a pretty rough time :(

  • Pretty rough? it was very rough! but i liked it!

  • Hahaha you are one h*** of a girl ;)
    Wish to know more abt you :)

  • What do u want to know?

  • Uhh i dnt knw maybe can we chat somewer maybe snapchat fb ?

  • Seems your friend missed out in some good hardcore f******

  • Yea she did

  • Did you
    ever tell her about it?

  • Yea i did, at first she was disgusted but now she still keeps asking questions about it

  • Sounds like she wished shed joined ya

  • How old are you and how old were the guys?

  • Im 19, and the guys were older? must be late 20s maybe 30s

  • You like older men?

  • Older men seem to know what they are doing and tend to always f*** better

  • No condoms again i presume? how many dumped their load and where?

  • No not a single rubber used, all of them came inside my p****, i was a gooey mess for days after, c** was litrally pouring out of me after and during, took a few in my ass but all the other times in my face and mouth

  • Did they c** in your p**** one after another?

  • Yea they did, ran a train on me in soace 20mins or so, one f***** me and c** in me followed by the next and next till all 5 had unloaded inside me

  • Did you enjoy it? what did u say to them as they creamed your young c***?

  • Oh yes, i was groaning an moaning at them to c** in me! fill me with their s****!

  • Nasty c** hungrey w****! are you on contraception?

  • I have the inplant no babies for me

  • Maybe not but a creamed c*** oozing with muiltple man milk is hot

  • Dnt have to tell me babe all i had to do was look down lol

  • Is that the most guys uv f***** in one go?

  • Yea it was me and 5 guys all thou hard c**** around and in me

  • How many times did they dp you? what did u mean by degrading s**?

  • Oh god, loads, most the f****** i was getting dped, only a few times i only had one c*** in me, like when they ran the train on me all cuming inside my p****

  • So how was it degrading s**?

  • Like, they pulled my hair, wrapped it it round their hand as they pulled my mouth deeper onto their hard c****, spat and smeared their spit onto my face! forced their finger in my mouth, one holding my mouth open for a d***! choked me while f****** me! f***** me real hard and nasty not aswell as call me all sorts nasty names

  • What names? what did they say/call you?

  • Allot the time they calling me a dirty b****! nasty s***! and filthy f*** toy

  • Describe your leather outfit?

  • Ok so i had my leather skirt on, leather jacket with my new black wetlook b*** tube, diamond fishnet tights and new pair f*** me boots

  • What came off and when?

  • My boots and tights never came off, although my tights were ripped to peices, jacket was first thing to come off till close to the end when one guys told me wear it while i hot dped, guys love leather! and skirt and b*** tube pretty much came off around time i had the first d*** in me!

  • Describe the boots babe?

  • Dead sexy shiney stilleto, knee high boots, proper f*** me boots! brought for on purpose only!

  • Did you buy them for the soul reason to get f***** in them?

  • Pretty much yea, shopping with my mate n she said they looked like slutty boots, so i brought em

  • Should got someone else to buy them for ya. i would have

  • You put the jacket back on to get dped in it? what posistion they dp you in?

  • I put the jacket on for then while they dpes me standing! i got dped 3 diffrent ways

  • What three ways? and what one you enjoy the most?

  • Standing, cowgirl and doggy! my fave was cowgirl, although doing it standing was amazing once we got the rythem going

  • They pick u up while doing it standing?

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