Dentist appointment today

I don't even want to go, I wish I could just cancel it. I feel embarrassed I can't afford everything and I can't even afford the $300 for scale and clean, last year it was only half that price and I just can't keep up with all these expenses, get educated and what is the likelihood of me finding a man, to keep me, who is rich ! I keep putting off appointments with medical specialists and its so embarrassing that I never seem to have enough money anymore. And nothing I seem to do to gain work pays off or gives me what I need to survive.

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  • My dear I'm Canadian. Many people get work visas to come to Canada because of the free health care. Alberta is a great province to come to because of the plentiful jobs. You can apply through an agency to work in a specific field. Males are mostly in Construction or agriculture, and women mainly in services or nanny. The pay can be pretty good and the employer pays for a lot of the costs including your medical coverage. I have to say though that dental here is expensive as well. My wife needs extensive dental so we make a trip once a year to Cancun Mexico and what we pay there saves us more money than the trip costs us. We rent a condo by the month and if you can share with a friend it can be not too bad. About $800 - $1000.00 per month for two beds. That would be about $400- to $500 each. Taking the bus is easy and try Ocean Dental for good service and great prices.

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