Question about eating out

What does girl c** taste like ? Is it pleasant? Any satisfactory? Does it all taste the same ? My girlfriend is having the 90 day challenge on me cuz we just got together. But I want to convince her to look over it and let me f*** her . I'm trying to perfect eating her out so we both are satisfied. And wait for the best time to pop her sweet cherry.

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  • I'm a guy and it's been like 10 years since I tasted my own c** (the only male c** I've ever tasted), so I don't really remember what it tastes like and therefore can't compare.
    When it comes to the ladies however, it's just like the girl in the post below me wrote. Just like with us guys, it's different from woman to woman and depends mainly on her personal hygiene and diet.
    Still, these factors are more like good indicators than rules. They help make the c** taste better, but it still doesn't have to. My ex for instance was a healthy eating, tea drinking vegetarian, yet her c** tasted funky and nasty as h*** (sadly enough for me who still wanted to please her)!
    Generally I wouldn't say female c** tastes so good, and from what I hear from those with more experience with tasting both it's a little bit less pleasant than the male version. Nevertheless, this still doesn't have to mean that it necessarily tastes bad (like my ex's for example). In general, if you're not bothered by the smell then you'll probably have no problem standing the taste. If it's truly disgusting then you shouldn't do it, but if it's bearable then you should make an effort and take one for the team. It's just like with deepthroating; it's probably not her first choice, but she's making an effort to please you.

  • I'm a girl and I have tasted my own c** and it's oddly sweet. But not every girl tastes the same. It all depends on whether they eat healthy or not. More fruits=sweet c**. Junk food=salty and sometimes unpleasant. So if you know that your girlfriend eats healthy and has good hygiene then she should taste sweet:)

  • It tastes and smell like rotten shrimp. If you can get past the smell you will have it licked.

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