I really love it

I always wondered what it would be like to taste sperm just like girls get to. I tried tasting my own sperm and kind of liked it. So much that I wanted to taste some more. I started to look for used condoms with sperm inside of them. I looked at my friends neighbors co-workers family members and cheap motels to find them. I would bring them home and taste and swallow all of the sperm out of the used condoms while I'm jerking off and just as I'm having an o***** I will swallow all the sperm out of the used condoms. Now I can't seem to find enough used condoms to keep me satisfied. Is there anywhere I can buy some full of c**?

May 13, 2020

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  • Yer I empty the bins at brothel

  • I love the taste of seman

  • Taking it from condoms is gross, go to a bar and suck a d*** like a normal person.

  • Yeah, so I maybe still in school but AIDS for you like half have it in New Orleans and yeah u can get it that way do ur self

  • I think I can help you out, just post your address

  • JUST fing a cuising spot and give a dude a propper BJ

  • Thats the most f***** up thing I read ever

  • Your are one sick weirdo and you are going to catch a nasty infection.

  • Older sperms in condoms are spunky in smell and taste. Best try the fresh ones - if even in bjs with your friends. If you at it in used condoms mix them with a bit of honey or maple syrup.

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