I was in a relationship with a girl for over 4 years, i thought she'd be my only one and we'd last to the very end but then we split up and since then my life has not been the same, I'm sad all the time, i dont feel like i belong anywhere

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  • Go see a therapist and talk to someone about it. You may need to be on antidepressants. Break ups can be hard, but as time goes by it heals and things do get better. 4 years is a long time but you have to move from this. Not all relationships or even friendships are always meant to last. Try to look back at your relationship and be thankful for the fun times you spent with her and the valuable lessons you learned throughout your relationship. And also look at what your part was in why it didn't work out. But you need to start accepting this is over and start living your life again. Start exercising (if you're not), meet up with your friends again. And in time when you are really ready, start dating again. Even though you may have a type, don't compare women to your ex and give women a chance.

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